Apiary Studio

We have been honored to work with Impact Services Inc., a social services nonprofit devoted to workforce development, veterans assistance and housing stability in Kensington, as they renovate a former textile mill into a community center. Apiary Studio was hired to develop the design for an outdoor plaza at the entrance to a children’s gym that will serve as a gathering space for special events. The flexible-use courtyard will be adaptable to different public uses for clients and staff, while communicating that the site is safe, welcoming, and beautifully maintained; a reflection of the ongoing investment that Impact Services has made in creating an inclusive and empowered neighborhood in North Philadelphia. The plant list includes bold textured foliage and a vibrant color scheme evocative of the Caribbean, with repurposed lumber benches and a wide pedestrian gate for streetside access.

SIZE: .1 Acres

YEAR: 2018 – Ongoing

LOCATION: Kensington, Philadelphia, PA

C1802-3.jpg C1802-4.jpg C1802-5.jpg C1802-1.jpg C1802-6.jpg C1802-2.jpg IMG_8037.jpg IMG_1040.jpg FK-Productions_Impact-Plaza_1.jpg IMG_1020.jpg Impact-Plaza_After_1.jpg IMG_1017.jpg IMG_8159.jpg Impact-Plaza_Before_2-1.jpg Impact-Plaza_Before_1.jpg Impact-Plaza_Concept-1.jpg Impact-Plaza_Concept-2.jpg Impact-Plaza_Concept-3.jpg Impact-Plaza_Concept-4.jpg Impact-Plaza_Concept-5.jpg Impact-Plaza_Concept-6.jpg