Apiary Studio

The work we were hired to complete at 3400 Belgrade exemplifies the values of greening, placemaking, and beauty for which Metropolitan Group, the owner of the site, has come to be known. When Metropolitan purchased the existing apartment building, they did not limit their refurbishing efforts to the interior. We were hired to maximize the potential of a stark, chain-linked, turf side yard. The first step to adding privacy and making the space feel safe, was to enclose it in a low profile fence that screened occupants from the sidewalk and street, and defined the area as a garden. Six benches were added throughout the length of the walk at such a distance that enabled private conversations but retained visibility. The result of the project is a promenade through a lush, broadly native planting of shrubs and perennials that shelter and encourage bird and insect life, run right up to the windowsills of the apartments, and capture stormwater runoff. On the far side of the building, we made space for a tenant dog run, and incorporated permanent wooden bench seating throughout. Apiary also renovated the planting beds in the parking lot and hell strips, and added a series of street tree wells to the sidewalks.

SIZE: .4 acre

YEAR: 2020-ongoing

LOCATION: Port Richmond, Philadelphia, PA

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