Apiary Studio

This residential project entailed managing the incoming and outflowing stormwater load for a house situated on a precipitous slope halfway up a hillside. Apiary Studio’s scope involved resolving the grade changes surrounding a sensitive C2 Architecture addition to the historic home and integrating those changes with existing outbuildings; exploring methods for redirecting drainage along the rear and side property lines from structures and pavement as well as runoff from neighboring properties; creating flexible parking and pathways; using the landscape to clearly announce the house’s new entrance; and protecting the property’s many trees. The modern board metal guardrails by fabricator Derrick McNew and board-formed concrete window wells and are juxtaposed against the Wissahickon schist and cedar shake exterior walls.

Images copyright 2023 Jaime Alvarez

SIZE: 0.5 Acre

YEAR: 2023-Ongoing

LOCATION: Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, PA

Octobershoot-461.jpg Octobershoot-450.jpg Octobershoot-438.jpg Octobershoot-421.jpg Octobershoot-387.jpg Octobershoot-353.jpg Octobershoot-339.jpg Octobershoot-331.jpg Octobershoot-329.jpg Octobershoot-317.jpg Octobershoot-313.jpg Octobershoot-299.jpg Octobershoot-298.jpg Octobershoot-295.jpg Octobershoot-285.jpg Octobershoot-280.jpg Octobershoot-269.jpg Octobershoot-262.jpg Octobershoot-254.jpg Octobershoot-215.jpg Octobershoot-209.jpg Octobershoot-198.jpg Octobershoot-169.jpg Octobershoot-153.jpg Octobershoot-137.jpg Octobershoot-135.jpg Octobershoot-117.jpg Octobershoot-116.jpg Octobershoot-103.jpg Octobershoot-82.jpg Octobershoot-69.jpg Octobershoot-41.jpg Octobershoot-18.jpg