Apiary Studio

Apiary Studio worked closely with the owners over the course of three years to bring in effusive gardens and dozens of large trees to this pastoral acreage in Chestnut Hill.  The primary drivers were to provide privacy and fencing, invite birds and pollinating insects, and encase a thoughtful renovation by MAMO Architects to the home’s envelope and interior, all the while integrating new gardens with a rich and varied layer of mature existing plants.

Images copyright 2023 Jaime Alvarez

SIZE: 2 Acres

YEAR: 2021-2023

LOCATION: Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, PA

615-St-Andrews-Rd_Scheme-1_Rendering.jpg Octobershoot-378-HDR.jpg Octobershoot-286-HDR.jpg Octobershoot-167-HDR.jpg Octobershoot-202.jpg Octobershoot-114-HDR.jpg Octobershoot-457.jpg Octobershoot-463.jpg Octobershoot-65-HDR.jpg Octobershoot-142-HDR.jpg Octobershoot-164-HDR.jpg Octobershoot-11-HDR.jpg Octobershoot-373.jpg Octobershoot-171.jpg Octobershoot-151.jpg