Apiary Studio

Working with Bright Common and Solo Realty, we designed a courtyard for a multifamily residence in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia. The design creates a flexible shared communal courtyard paved with precast concrete pavers and yellow pea gravel. Perimeter areas incorporate bicycle parking, ornamental beds and vegetative screening of private garden alcoves. The project is currently under construction.

SIZE: .1 acres

YEAR: 2016-2017

LOCATION: Philadelphia, PA

Kensington-Yards_Perspective-2.jpg Kensington-Yards_Courtyard-Plan_Annotated.jpg Kensington-Yards_Perspective-1.jpg C1601-1.jpg C1601-3.jpg C1601-2.jpg C1601-5.jpg C1601-4.jpg Kensington-Yards_4.jpg Kensington-Yards_2.jpg IMG_9475.jpg