Apiary Studio

Perrystead Dairy opened in spring 2021 on the site of a former parking lot. As an urban creamery producing high quality, artisanal cheeses and dairy beverages with milk produced on Pennsylvania family farms, it joins a growing rank of makers and crafters revitalizing the ‘Workshop of the World’—Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood. Using the concrete rubble, construction fill, and detritus from the previous paving to build seat walls and benches, Apiary transformed the entrance into a terraced garden for seating and open air markets. The planting palette started with the otherworldly cardoon (Cynara cardunculus), an artichoke relative with technicolor violet thistle flowers, which has long been used as a plant-based rennet substitute. The beds include myriad culinary and aromatic plants used in cheese production and flavoring, that thrive with little additional irrigation and are intended to self seed throughout.

SIZE: .25 Acres

YEAR: 2020-2021

LOCATION: Kensington, Philadelphia, PA

jun-perrystdairy_-79.jpg jun-perrystdairy_-80.jpg jun-perrystdairy_-73.jpg jun-perrystdairy_-55.jpg jun-perrystdairy_-48.jpg jun-perrystdairy_-47.jpg jun-perrystdairy_-45.jpg jun-perrystdairy_-41.jpg jun-perrystdairy_-39.jpg jun-perrystdairy_-38.jpg jun-perrystdairy_-37.jpg jun-perrystdairy_-36.jpg jun-perrystdairy_-35.jpg jun-perrystdairy_-26.jpg jun-perrystdairy_-9.jpg jun-perrystdairy_-21.jpg jun-perrystdairy_-15.jpg jun-perrystdairy_-18.jpg jun-perrystdairy_-14.jpg jun-perrystdairy_-13.jpg jun-perrystdairy_-12.jpg jun-perrystdairy_-6.jpg jun-perrystdairy_-4.jpg Perrystead-Garden_4.jpg Perrystead-Garden_2.jpg Perrystead-Garden_1.jpg Perrystead-Garden_7.jpg IMG_8661.jpg IMG_8654.jpg IMG_8650.jpg IMG_8647.jpg IMG_6390.jpeg IMG_6387.jpeg IMG_6383.jpeg IMG_6378.jpeg IMG_6372.jpeg IMG_6367.jpeg IMG_6363.jpeg IMG_6362.jpeg IMG_6360.jpeg IMG_6359.jpeg IMG_6358.jpeg IMG_6354.jpeg IMG_6352.jpeg IMG_5425-1.jpeg IMG_5422.jpeg IMG_5419.jpeg IMG_5394.jpeg IMG_5387.jpeg IMG_5382.jpeg IMG_5232.jpeg IMG_4764.jpeg During-B.jpeg Before-A.jpg Perrystead-Dairy_SD-Axon_Labeled-copy.jpg Perrystead-Dairy_SD-Plan_Labeled-copy.jpg