Apiary Studio

Palmer Place is a sixteen unit Metropolitan Group residential and commercial complex beneath the elevated Septa rail near Berks Station in Olde Kensington. As the site is subject to heavy foot traffic and dense shade, we designed the landscape and hardscape to provide privacy, soften corners, and capture light. Permeable paving was used across the site, and a custom cedar fence surrounds the private entrances and utility areas. Ferns, broad-leaved groundcovers, and white-flowering perennials that reflect sunlight fill the galley garden spaces, which will only become more lush with establishment, evoking a shady woodland and looking as interesting at ground level as they do from several stories above.

SIZE: .25 Acres

YEAR: 2019

LOCATION: Olde Kensington, Philadelphia, PA

C1809-5.jpg C1809-4.jpg C1809-2.jpg C1809-1.jpg IMG_9417.jpg IMG_9422.jpg IMG_9427.jpg IMG_9434.jpg IMG_9435.jpg