Apiary Studio

The Moon Viewing Platform was a temporary public art installation active in October 2019 in a disused stretch of the future Rail Park adjacent to an above-ground parking garage. Artists Nadia Hironaka, Matthew Suib, and Eugene Lew created an interpreted Japanese dry garden to serve as a stage for musical performances and a nighttime theater for a series of short films that they filmed and scored. Apiary Studio helped the project’s interdisciplinary artists execute their vision for the garden by providing schematic design drawings and assisting in the build-out of the landscape and furnishings. Moon Viewing Platform was one of three Site/Sound Festival installations presented by Mural Arts Philadelphia, The Rail Park, and the American Composers Forum.

SIZE: 1 Acre

YEAR: 2019

LOCATION: Spring Garden, Philadelphia, PA

C1915-7.jpg C1915-8.jpg C1915-6.jpg C1915-5.jpg C1915-4.jpg C1915-17.jpg C1915-16.jpg C1915-15.jpg C1915-14.jpg C1915-13.jpg C1915-12.jpg C1915-11.jpg C1915-10.jpg C1915-9.jpg