Apiary Studio

This beach house project in Cape May, NJ designed by Ambit Architecture, will be built on a small oceanfront lot at the southernmost tip of the state. Apiary sought to reinstate as much of the spirit of the surrounding coastal pine forest as possible, referencing tertiary dune vegetation in the mounded berms that buttress the house’s stilts, and selecting plants endemic to the shore that exhibit salt spray tolerance, thrive in lean sandy soils, and have low supplementary watering requirements. 

SIZE: .1 Acre

YEAR: 2020-2021


IMG_2435-copy.jpg IMG_2439-copy.jpg IMG_2440-copy.jpg IMG_2441-copy.jpg IMG_2428-copy.jpg DelBello-Res_SD-Perspective_Rendering_200408-copy.jpg DelBello-Res_Landscape-SD-Plan_Rendering_200401-copy.jpg