Apiary Studio

The landscape encompassing these four consecutive detached homes on West Queen Lane in Penn Knox, Germantown strives to pay homage to the rich history of the block and to compliment the sensitive restorations that C2 Architecture recently completed. The ornamental gardens, filled with heirloom cultivars, are pulled close to the street so as to soften and beautify the sidewalk and provide a layer of screening for the front yards. All of the cobble paving was sourced from an enormous pile already on site. Front yard fruit trees and understory street trees add texture and shade to the street. 

SIZE: 0.5 Acres

YEAR: 2021

LOCATION: Germantown, Philadelphia, PA

PAPH2056036_0.jpg PAPH2050982_26_1.jpg PAPH2050982_25_1.jpg PAPH2050982_1_1.jpg IMG-0649.jpg DDF2CD01-2084-4A71-8AF2-69241F0A9CA5-1.jpg IMG_6964.jpg IMG_6970.jpg IMG_6966.jpg