Apiary Studio

We are obsessive tinkerers at Apiary Studio, always undertaking new experiments with plants and materials. A significant reason that we were so excited to relocate our home and office to Philly is because of the abundance of vacant lots that are crying out for us to implement some of our strangest and most perverse ideas. Even if not always highly conceptual, any opportunity to work with our hands and dig in the soil is welcome. In Vacant Lot One, we have been slowly installing many of the native perennials that we collected seed for and germinated in our experimental nursery. Its been edifying to see which species thrive and blend well together in new compositions, versus which plants should be abandoned and never used again. We collaborated with Christopher Greenlee Smith, a fellow designer and friend, who conceived of a low garden wall from concrete and broken rubble found on site during excavation.

This garden was honored as a community flower garden of distinction by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society in 2016, and in 2018 was replaced by new construction.

SIZE: .1 acres

YEAR: 2015 – Ongoing

LOCATION: Philadelphia, PA

Philly-Vacant-Lot-1_Aerial_Labeled.jpg Philly-Vacant-Lot-One_Construction_2.jpg Philly-Vacant-Lot-One_Construction_3.jpg Philly-Vacant-Lot-One_Progress_1.jpg Philly-Vacant-Lot-One_Progress_2.jpg Philly-Vacant-Lot-One_Progress_3.jpg Philly-Vacant-Lot-One_Progress_6.jpg Philly-Vacant-Lot-One_Progress_8.jpg Philly-Vacant-Lot-One_Progress_9.jpg Philly-Vacant-Lot-One_Progress_11.jpg Philly-Vacant-Lot-One_Progress_14.jpg Philly-Vacant-Lot-One_Progress_2_1.jpg Philly-Vacant-Lot-One_Progress_2_2.jpg Philly-Vacant-Lot-One_Progress_2_5.jpg Philly-Vacant-Lot-One_Progress_2_6.jpg Philly-Vacant-Lot-One_Progress_2_7.jpg Philly-Vacant-Lot-One_Progress_2_8.jpg Philly-Vacant-Lot-One_Progress_2_9.jpg Philly-Vacant-Lot-One_Progress_2_10.jpg Philly-Vacant-Lot-One_Progress_2_12.jpg Philly-Vacant-Lot-One_Progress_2_13.jpg Philly-Vacant-Lot-One_Progress_2_14.jpg Philly-Vacant-Lot-One_Progress_2_15.jpg Philly-Vacant-Lot-One_Progress_2_16.jpg