Apiary Studio

We worked with our friends at TOLA Architecture to assist a family in Brooklyn with the renovation of their modern Coop apartment and garden. The homeowners wanted an attractive but functional garden to compliment the renovated apartment. The L-Shaped courtyard is a heavily-shaded space, so woodland plants were selected to create a diverse and low-light tolerant floral palette. A curving path winds from the kitchen door to the main patio space where the family can sit and eat meals together or convert the space for pick up basketball games.

SIZE: .05 Acres

YEAR: 2018-2019

LOCATION: Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY

Park-Slope-Courtyard_Plan.jpg Park-Slope-Courtyard_Sections.jpg Park-Slope-Courtyard_1.jpg Park-Slope-Courtyard_2.jpg Park-Slope-Courtyard_3.jpg Park-Slope-Courtyard_4.jpg Park-Slope-Courtyard_5.jpg Park-Slope-Courtyard_Before_1.jpg Park-Slope-Courtyard_Before_2.jpg Park-Slope-Courtyard_Before_3.jpg