Apiary Studio

In partnership with HACE and N.4TH, Apiary Studio designed and installed 18 seed testing plots along the Conrail Corridor in North Kensington as a means of testing what plants might survive the austere conditions to possibly help inform future revegetation efforts. The 18 plots were split into three soil type groups: existing topsoil, existing crushed asphalt millings, and asphalt millings treated with elemental sulphur to bring down pH. Each plot is a 72sf bed delineated with lumber set into the ground. Six different seed mixes were applied to each of the three soil testing groups. The seed mixes combine strictly local genotypes in some blends, with mixtures of native and non-native taxa in others. Some plots will be planted with landscape plugs as well to determine the efficacy of this method. All taxa were selected for their tolerance to drought and alkaline soil, with the additional condition that the mature height is below 18”. Seeds were sown directly in mid February 2019, and plugs will be installed in April 2019. No supplemental irrigation will be applied.

SIZE: .8 Acres

YEAR: 2019 – Ongoing

LOCATION: Kensington, Philadelphia, PA

Gurney-St-Corridor_Overall-Siteplan.jpg Gurney-St-Corridor_Mix-A.jpg Gurney-St-Corridor_Mix-B.jpg Gurney-St-Corridor_Mix-C.jpg Gurney-St-Corridor_Mix-D.jpg Gurney-St-Corridor_Mix-E.jpg Gurney-St-Corridor_Mix-F.jpg IMG_9221.jpg IMG_9236.jpg Seed-Plot_Construction_1.jpg IMG_9187.jpg IMG_9188.jpg Gurney-St-Corridor_Before_1-1.jpg Gurney-St-Corridor_Before_2-1.jpg