Apiary Studio

Apiary Studio designed a garden for the front yard, back yard and roof terrace for the renovation of a historic brownstone in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. The renovation utilizes modern materials and and hard forms to draw a contract to the formal historic detailing of the structure. The gardens frame social gathering areas with dense plantings. The back yard garden can be converted to host the ultimate dinner party with a central seating area extending the length of the yard. This garden is currently under construction and will be completed in the Spring of 2017.

SIZE: .2 acres

YEAR: 2015 – ongoing

LOCATION: Brooklyn, NY

Reinhart-Res_Front-Stoop-Perspective.jpeg Reinhart-Res_Roof-Terrace-Plan.jpg Reinhart-Res_Backyard-Plan.jpeg Reinhart-Res_Backyard-Perspective.jpeg Reinhart-Res_Backyard-Section.jpeg Reinhart-Res_Roof-Terrace-Perspective.jpeg Fort-Greene_1.jpg Fort-Greene_2.jpg Fort-Greene_5.jpg Fort-Greene_6.jpg Fort-Greene_7.jpg Fort-Greene_8.jpg Fort-Greene_9.jpg C1517-1.jpg C1517-2.jpg C1517-3.jpg C1517-4.jpg C1517-5.jpg C1517-6.jpg C1517-7.jpg C1517-8.jpg C1517-9.jpg C1517-10.jpg C1517-11.jpg