Apiary Studio

The Vare-Washington school is a beautiful, art-deco institution that was built in 1935. The site consists of mostly paved school yard with inaccessible perimeter green spaces and two underutilized roof terraces. Apiary Studio led a design team that contracted with the Philadelphia Community Design Collaborative to develop a schematic design and cost estimate for a schoolyard greening project. Working with stakeholders and city agencies, we collected user input and assessed public code and capital resources to develop a site design that is feasible, fundable and can be broken down into logical implementation phases. Final deliverables included schematic design plans and renderings, a cost estimate, green stormwater management design as well as a written phasing, implementation and maintenance report.

SIZE: 1.13 acres

YEAR: 2016

LOCATION: Philadelphia, PA

Vare-Washington_3_Overall-Site-Plan.jpg Vare-Washington_4_Perspective-Before.jpg Vare-Washington_5_Perspective-After.jpg Vare-Washington_6_Elementary-Roof-Plan.jpg Vare-Washington_7_Elementary-Roof-Section.jpg Vare-Washington_8_Preschool-Roof-Plan.jpg Vare-Washington_9_Preschool.jpg