Apiary Studio

Dirtworks Was hired to work with Cannon Architects to design the grounds around a new student housing tower at the University at Buffalo. Hans developed the site design and construction documentation for this project. The tri-tower configuration of the new residence hall divided the landscape into three zones of tiered formality: urban edge, campus quad and natural area. Each of these spaces required a distinct design approach to address the different program, but they were also unified with common materials and plant selections to create a dynamic and evolving experience as one travels through the facility.

SIZE: 6 Acres

YEAR: 2008 – 2012


UB_Bioswale-Plantings.jpg UB_Campus-Green1.jpg UB_Gabion-Wall-Detail.jpg UB_Lee-Ave.jpg UB_Meadow-and-Gabion-Walls_1.jpg UB_Native-Meadow.jpg UB_Paving-Detail.jpg UB_Urban-Plaza-Allee1.jpg UB_Urban-Plaza.jpg UB_Sketch_1.jpg UB_Sketch_2.jpg UB_Sketch_3.jpg UB_Sketch_4.jpg UB_Sketch_5.jpg