Apiary Studio

Apiary designed a set of hot-dip galvanized steel planters to flank the entrance points of an apartment lobby. We played up the asymmetrical sides to offset the pitch of the pavement, and stamped out the street addresses in sharp relief on the front planes. The planters add dimension to the facade, and the succession of bold textured tropical plantings that they host in the growing season add to the eclectic street-side container garden array so characteristic of South Philly.

SIZE: 75 square feet

YEAR: 2020-ongoing

LOCATION: South Philly, Philadelphia, PA

1218-Snyder_Perspective-Sketch_191120-copy-scaled.jpeg 2109-Iseminger_Perspective-Sketch_191120-copy.jpeg IMG_4104.jpg IMG_4116.jpg IMG_4118.jpg IMG_9610-copy.jpg IMG_9614-copy.jpg IMG_9618.jpg IMG_9619.jpg IMG_9620-copy.jpg IMG_9622-copy.jpg