Apiary Studio

This design was submitted as part of the Rising Tides design competition, which was sponsored by the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission. The competition brief was to develop a strategic response to the projected four foot rise in sea level throughout the Easy Bay area by 2100. Our scheme explored three strategies for the defense of the bay: shielding incorporated hard infrastructure to protect the most important and vulnerable areas from inundation, adjusting involved choosing which features of the bay should remain as well as what new infrastructure should be incorporated into the edge of those systems, and withdrawing, which ceded several areas of Oakland’s industrial waterfront back to nature for buffer areas and new aquatic environments.

SIZE: 200+ Acres

YEAR: 2009


Rising-Tides_Full-Poster.jpg Rising-Tides_Phase-3_Enlargement-2.jpg Rising-Tides_Phase-3_Enlargement-1.jpg Rising-Tides_Phase-3_Enlargement-3.jpg