Apiary Studio

A private children’s foundation hired award-winning architecture firm, Christoff : Finio Architects, to renovate and remodel the classical-style townhouse structure into a modern and light-filled headquarters. Christoff : Finio contacted Hans to develop a planting plan for the intimate, rear courtyard gardens as well as a planting scheme for the front tree bed. We carefully selected plant material that could thrive in an extremely low-light environment while providing seasonal interest and color as a counterpoint to the modern interior. Herbaceous flowering and evergreen plants were selected to drift through each other with intermittent vertical accents, creating a lush courtyard border.

SIZE: 450 square feet

YEAR: 2010


Heckscher_Front-Garden.jpg Heckscher-Courtyard_1.jpg Heckscher-Courtyard_2.jpg Heckscher-Courtyard_3.jpg