Apiary Studio

To complement their new chicken coop, Pleasant Run also asked us to design a new entry garden for the farmhouse and business. The garden is intended to exhibit much of Pleasant Run’s inventory, incorporating native and ornamental prairie plants that are grown at the production facilities. The center of the entry garden also serves as a gathering space centered around a steel fire-pit for evening and cool season events.

SIZE: .2 acres

YEAR: 2014 – 2015

LOCATION: Allentown, NJ

PRN-Entry-Garden_1.jpg PRN-Entry-Garden_2a.jpg PRN-Entry-Garden_2b.jpg PRN-Entry-Garden_3a.jpg PRN-Entry-Garden_3b.jpg PRN-Entry-Garden_5a.jpg PRN-Entry-Garden_5b.jpg PRN-Entry-Garden_4.jpg PRN-Entry-Garden_7a.jpg PRN-Entry-Garden_7b.jpg PRN-Entry-Garden_6.jpg PRN-Entry-Garden_8.jpg PRN-Entry-Garden_9.jpg