Apiary Studio

Pleasant Run Nursery has maintained a collection of farm animals for years, home to a veritable menagerie of pets and livestock throughout the farm. They asked us to design and build a new chicken coop for their flock of 40 or so fowl. Unfortunately, the previous chicken coop was located within a predator superhighway along a woodland edge and adjacent to an irrigation pond. Foxes, raccoons, opossums, hawks and owls are among the long list of wildlife who have made a feast of the chickens over the years, slowly decimating the entire flock as an annual ritual. In order to help reduce the mortality rate among Pleasant Run chickens, we decided to co-locate the new coop and pen with the nursery’s donkeys, Chocolate and Dominic.  The donkeys serve as guards against the numerous varmints that thrive in the surrounding wild preserve and have effectively reduced the predation to nil. Additionally, the chickens perform a symbiotic function by spreading the manure and consuming insect pests that formerly thrived in the paddock.

SIZE: 1 acre

YEAR: 2014

LOCATION: Allentown, NJ

Chicken-Coop_1.jpg Chicken-Coop_2.jpg Chicken-Coop_3.jpg Chicken-Coop_4.jpg Chicken-Coop_5.jpg Chicken-Coop_6.jpg Chicken-Coop_7.jpg Chicken-Coop_8.jpg Chicken-Coop_9.jpg Chicken-Coop_10.jpg Chicken-Coop_11.jpg Chicken-Coop_12.jpg Chicken-Coop_13.jpg Chicken-Coop_14.jpg Chicken-Coop_15.jpg Chicken-Coop_16.jpg Chicken-Coop_17.jpg Chicken-Coop_171.jpg Chicken-Coop_181.jpg