Apiary Studio

We were contacted by the South Kensington Community Development Corporation to clean up and re-envision a vacant lot that had been trashed by an adjacent new development project in the Olde Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia. Prior to the development-related disruption, the space had been informally used by neighbors as a place for daytime socializing and afternoon drinking. We decided to embrace the former use of the site and enclose the gathering area beneath an existing Siberian Elm with intensive plantings to frame and enclose the social group. In the coming months, we intend to install small paved areas and seating for the park’s users. The paving and furnishings have been made from recycled materials and the plantings will consist of species grown by Apiary Nursery. Hans worked with horticulturist Martha Keen on the design and installation of this project.

SIZE: .1 acres

YEAR: 2015 – Ongoing

LOCATION: Philadelphia, PA

Philly-Vacant-Lot-2_Aerial_Labeled.jpg Philly-Vacant-Lot-Two_Progress_1.jpg Philly-Vacant-Lot-Two_Progress_2.jpg Philly-Vacant-Lot-Two_Progress_3.jpg Philly-Vacant-Lot-Two_Progress_5.jpg Philly-Vacant-Lot-Two_Progress_6.jpg Philly-Vacant-Lot-Two_Progress_7.jpg Philly-Vacant-Lot-Two_Progress_8.jpg Philly-Vacant-Lot-Two_Progress_9.jpg Philly-Vacant-Lot-Two_Progress_10.jpg Philly-Vacant-Lot-Two_Progress_11.jpg