Apiary Studio

Perrystead Dairy will be opening in spring 2021 as an urban creamery producing high quality, artisanal cheeses and dairy beverages with milk produced on Pennsylvania family farms. It joins a growing rank of makers and crafters in Fishtown-Kensington, and Apiary is thrilled to help develop the landscape to include an event garden and open air Friday farmers’ market. The horticultural layer will include, of course, many culinary and aromatic plants used in cheese production, and utilize all of the construction fill and concrete rubble on site for a Mediterranean palette. 

SIZE: .25 Acres

YEAR: 2020-2021

LOCATION: Fishtown, Philadelphia, PA

Perrystead-Dairy_SD-Axon_Labeled-copy.jpg Perrystead-Dairy_SD-Plan_Labeled-copy.jpg