Apiary Studio

This residential garden is located in the Passyunk Square neighborhood of South Philadelphia and features an unusually generous back yard. Our design creates a series of outdoor rooms that are organized along a central pathway spine that passes beneath an espalier-trained fruit tree arbor in the center of the space. A wooden deck for cooking, dining and parties provides an extension of the kitchen immediately behind the house. The rear of the garden incorporates a vegetable bed and tool storage shed with access to the shared service alley. This garden balances food production with social space and each feature is intended to be both functional and beautiful.

SIZE: .1 Acres

YEAR: 2018-2019

LOCATION: Passyunk Square, Philadelphia, PA

Passyunk-Arbor-Party_Plan.jpg Passyunk-Arbor-Party_Section-Enlargement.jpg Passyunk-Arbor-Party_Section.jpg Passyunk-Arbor_Before_1.jpg Passyunk-Arbor_Before_2.jpg Passyunk-Arbor_Before_3.jpg