Apiary Studio

This project is located in the bucolic Mount Airy neighborhood of Philadelphia. The client wanted an exuberant garden full or ornamental native plants and a series of outdoor spaces that made use of sustainable and renewable materials. The garden wraps around the house in an L-shape and navigates the topographical changes to serve two different floors of the home. The upper floor opens from the kitchen onto a large covered deck for big family meals that steps down to the back of the property where a hidden and intimate garden is accessed from the basement living room. A small artist’s studio out-building anchors the corner of the garden and can have movies projected against its facade. The steep deck stairs also double as amphitheater seating for movie nights.

SIZE: .3 Acres

YEAR: 2018-Ongoing

LOCATION: Mount Airy, Philadelphia, PA

Mount-Airy-Wrap-Around_Schematic-Plan.jpg Mount-Airy-Wrap-Around_Before_4.jpg Mount-Airy-Wrap-Around_Before_1.jpg Mount-Airy-Wrap-Around_Before_3.jpg Mount-Airy-Wrap-Around_Before_2.jpg Mount-Airy-Wrap-Around_Aerial.jpg