Apiary Studio

With the support of New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the NYC Parks Department, the Gowanus Canal Conservancy partnered with TreeKit to plan and execute a street tree inventory project that would assess the quantity, size, species and health of all street trees within an 80-block study area adjacent to the Canal. Volunteers were organized, trained and deployed to methodically collect this data, which was turned into a map and will be used to develop an urban forestry management plan. The ultimate goal of this project is to ensure the longevity and diversity of the urban forest around Gowanus, expanding tree canopy, wildlife habitat and the host of benefits associated with more tree cover.

SIZE: 450 Acres

YEAR: 2011 – Ongoing

LOCATION: Brooklyn, NY

GCC_Urban-Forestry_1_Citizen-Pruner-Class.jpg GCC_Urban-Forestry_2_Survey-Team.jpg GCC_Urban-Forestry_3_Street-Dimensions.jpg GCC_Urban-Forestry_4_DBH-Measurement.jpg GCC_Urban-Forestry_Study-Area-Map.jpg GCC_Urban-Forestry_Inventory-Results.jpg