Apiary Studio

Hans founded a community nursery with the Gowanus Canal Conservancy in order to produce native and ornamental plant material that can be utilized to restore wildlife habitat throughout the watershed. Hans also helped to develop a propagation program that uses vegetative cuttings as well as seed germination from stock collected in the region.

SIZE: .2 acres

YEAR: 2009 – Ongoing

LOCATION: Brooklyn, NY

GCC-Nursery_1.jpg GCC-Nursery_2.jpg GCC-Nursery_3.jpg GCC-Nursery_4.jpg GCC-Nursery_5.jpg GCC-Plant-Propagation_1.jpg GCC-Plant-Propagation_2.jpg GCC-Plant-Propagation_3.jpg GCC-Plant-Propagation_4.jpg Lola_Greenhouse_4.jpg Lola_Greenhouse_7.jpg Lola_Greenhouse_8.jpg Lola_Greenhouse_9.jpg Restoration-Seed-Plots-2012_1.jpg Restoration-Seed-Plots-2012_2.jpg Restoration-Seed-Plots-2012_4.jpg Restoration-Seed-Plots-2012_5.jpg Restoration-Seed-Plots-2012_7.jpg Restoration-Seed-Plots-2012_8.jpg