Apiary Studio

The Gowanus Canal Conservancy  has managed a compost program since 2009, expanding the volume of organic wastes processed from 2 tons per year at the program’s inception to over 90 tons per year in 2014. The Conservancy utilizes the compost produced at this facility as a soil amendment in local public gardens as well as an ingredient of potting media for use in the Conservancy’s nursery.  In collaboration with NYC’s Department of Sanitation, local elected officials and community members, the Conservancy successfully raised the funding to design and construct an aerated static pile compost facility that will expand the facility’s capacity from 90 to 400 tons per year. The facility will receive feedstock in bays above a perforated floor, through which air is forced into the compost. This process will allow for continuous digestion of organic matter. Stormwater and leachate are treated through a bioswale running alongside the facility, planted with native shrubs and perennials. Construction will be completed in early 2017.


SIZE: .8 acres

YEAR: 2012 – Ongoing

LOCATION: Brooklyn, NY

GCC_Compost-Facility_Siteplan.jpg Compost-Facility_Bays_1.jpg Compost-Facility_Bays_2.jpg Compost-Facility_Bioswale.jpg Compost-Facility_Equip_2.jpg Compost-Facility_Equip_3.jpg Compost-Facility_Natural-Area_1.jpg Compost-Facility_Natural-Area_2.jpg Compost-Facility_Natural-Area_3.jpg Compost-Facility_Nursery_3.jpg Compost-Facility_Nursery_1.jpg Compost-Facility_Nursery_2.jpg Compost-Facility_Equip_1.jpg GCC_Compost-Facility_Perspective.jpg