Apiary Studio

Apiary Studio was hired by a homeowner frustrated with chronic flooding in her back yard following every rain storm. We designed and installed a system to collect all the rain water runoff from .25 acres of the roof and convey it via subsurface perforated piping into a rain garden installed in the corner of the back yard. Utilizing native plant material that we propagated at Apiary Nursery from locally sourced seed, we filled the garden with a diverse array of perennial plantings. Martha Keen contributed substantially to the plant propagation and installation of this project.

SIZE: 1 acre

YEAR: 2015

LOCATION: Allentown, NJ

Nicol-Res_Aerial_Labeled.jpg Nicol-Res_Design-Plan.jpg Nicol-Res_Before-Panorama.jpg Nicol-Res_Garden-Installation-Panoramic_1.jpg Nicol-Res_Install_1.jpg Nicol-Res_Install_2.jpg Nicol-Res_Install_3.jpg Nicol-Res_Install_4.jpg Nicol-Res_Install_6.jpg Nicol-Res_Install_7.jpg Nicol-Res_Install_8.jpg Nicol-Res_Install_9.jpg Nicol-Res_Install_10.jpg Nicol-Res_Install_11.jpg Nicol-Res_Year-One_1.jpg Nicol-Res_Year-One_2.jpg Nicol-Res_Year-One_3.jpg Nicol-Res_Year-One_4.jpg Nicol-Res_Year-One_5.jpg Nicol-Res_Year-One_6.jpg