Apiary Studio

Apiary Studio worked with the New Kensington Community Development Corporation to develop a neighborhood gateway landscape along the Frankford Avenue commercial corridor in the North of Lehigh community. The project site straddles the Lehigh Viaduct to the south, and has experienced great divestment over the past 30+ years. Located deep in the northern reaches of Kensington and within the Frankford Avenue Arts Corridor, This project aspires to reverse the fallout of disinvestment by first stabilizing a collection of the area’s most dangerous and unsightly vacant lots, which will help local groups and businesses strategically activate key areas of improvement to spur infill development and ultimately elevate the value of property and quality of life in North of Lehigh. As an integral part of the gateway, the gateway scheme will provide an array of direct and indirect benefits to the immediate neighborhood and broader Kensington community, including but not limited to the following:

  • Beautification and greening of a key commercial corridor gateway
  • Installation of a beautiful display gardens and field-grown cut branch production beds
  • Engage local vendors to provide infrastructure that will support an informal local market that occurs on the site
  • Habitat and native plant community restoration through gardens and structures (e.g. bird, bat and insect houses; pollinator corridors)
  • Stabilization of a blighted vacant lot and provision of security to limit illicit activities and the drug trade currently plaguing the immediate area

SIZE: .8 acres

YEAR: 2016 – ongoing

LOCATION: Philadelphia, PA

Context-Map.jpg Site-Plan.jpg Perspective-1_Before.jpg Perspective-1_After.jpg Perspective-2_Before.jpg Perspective-2_After.jpg Perspective-3_Before.jpg Perspective-3_After.jpg Perspective-4_Before.jpg Perspective-4_After.jpg