Apiary Studio

Our client at a private residence in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn sought a lush and wild rooftop terrace for entertaining and relaxing. This design incorporates a spacious dining area beneath a shaded pergola, intimate seating nooks nestled in groves of Magnolia virginiana and hedges of European hornbeam, and a potager for kitchen herbs and vegetables. The design strikes a balance between creating sheltered privacy and framing the magnificent views of the Manhattan skyline.

SIZE: .2 Acres

YEAR: 2017 – Ongoing

LOCATION: Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, NY

Carroll-Gardens-Roof-Terrace_Siteplan.jpg Carroll-Gardens-Roof-Terrace_Sections.jpg Carroll-Gardens_Roof-Terrace_Before_1.jpg Carroll-Gardens_Roof-Terrace_Before_2.jpg Carroll-Gardens_Roof-Terrace_Before_3.jpg Carroll-Gardens_Roof-Terrace_Before_4.jpg Carroll-Gardens_Roof-Terrace_Before_5.jpg Carroll-Gardens_Roof-Terrace_Before_6.jpg