Apiary Studio

A narrow, 4-story residence in DUMBO will soon see the installation of an intimate courtyard garden as well as a generous rooftop terrace with spectacular views of Manhattan and the surrounding Brooklyn skyline. Using contemporary materials like corten steel and black locust lumber, the gardens will incorporate custom-modular planters and lush plantings. The roof terrace will become a dynamic entertainment space for the clients’ frequent social events and parties, organized around a raised deck / lounge. The project is expected to be installed in Fall, 2015.

SIZE: .1 acres

YEAR: 2015 – Ongoing

LOCATION: Brooklyn, NY

Galib_Back-Yard_1_Plan.jpg Galib_Back-Yard_2_Section.jpg Galib_Back-Yard_3_Axon.jpg Galib_Roof-Top_1_Plan.jpg Galib_Roof-Top_2_Section-A.jpg Galib_Roof-Top_3_Section-B.jpg