Apiary Studio

We are working with horticulturist, Martha Keen, to develop a viable urban nursery in Philadelphia. We intend for Apiary Nursery to be a productive landscape wherein the plant production area and material inventory serve as attractive displays and contribute to the overall aesthetic of its setting. Ultimately, our goal for the nursery is a regional destination wholesale and retail facility that draws consumers from all around Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs. A community garden will be located along the public edge of the nursery site, and consist of ornamental plantings making use of regionally-seed-sourced native flora, raised beds for food and flower production among neighbors and partner organizations, as well as a gathering and socializing space for small groups and passers-by. The ornamental gardens, designed and maintained by Apiary Nursery personnel, will not only inspire our customers as to the myriad possibilities that plants afford, but they will also provide our patrons and neighbors with an opportunity to learn about the culture and care of plant material. We are confident that this green investment, conceived as a marriage between community space and commercial enterprise, will help brighten and enliven its future home neighborhood.

SIZE: .75 acres

YEAR: 2014 – Ongoing

LOCATION: Philadelphia, PA

Apiary-Nursery_Masterplan_Labeled.jpg Apiary-Nursery_Propagation_1.jpg Apiary-Nursery_Propagation_2.jpg Apiary-Nursery_Propagation_3.jpg Apiary-Nursery_Propagation_4.jpg Apiary-Nursery_Propagation_5.jpg Apiary-Nursery_Propagation_6.jpg Apiary-Nursery_Propagation_7.jpg Apiary-Nursery_Propagation_8.jpg Apiary-Nursery_Propagation_9.jpg