Apiary Studio

Apiary Studio was hired by a property owner with an extremely limited budget to design a green wall that would provide shade against the southern facade of their home. During the hot summer months, the south wall acts as an incredible heat sink, absorbing the sun’s energy and transmitting it inside. We designed a wooden trellis system that reflects the existing, simple facade patterning and can be fabricated on site and assembled inexpensively. The trellis will be planted with native trumpet vine and Virginia Creeper, both deciduous vines, to allow for some solar gain in cold months and seasonal interest throughout the year.

SIZE: 300 SF

YEAR: 2016

LOCATION: Philadelphia, PA

Tulach-Residence_Elevation_1.jpg Tulach-Residence_Elevation_2.jpg Tulach-Residence_Images.jpg Tulach-Residence_Section.jpg